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The deadly demon

I was at home all alone. I was watching a documentary on ancient Greece and all of a sudden the T.V. turned off. I went to turn on the T.V. but it wouldn’t turn on. I went to the fuse box, to find all of the switches in the box in the right spots, I finally gave up and started to read.
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Demonic happening – 100% true

This happened when I was about seven-years old.

I had come home from school one afternoon very tired and with lots of homework. I was also very hungry so I started calling my mom to know what she had made for dinner (I eat my dinner very early) when suddenly the faint clank of a spoon was heard. Continue reading »

Jeffy – The Young Demon

Jeffy is not something to laugh at, in fact by the time you finish reading this, your mind will wonder if I’m telling the truth, well I will tell you I would not waste my time trying to warn what your curiosity can bring, and no it doesn’t start with the Ouija board. Continue reading »

The Demon

There once was a family who moved into a house. Later that night after moving in they heard noises in the attic. They thought it was the house but later the dad disappeared. The family were scared. The son woke up with cuts on his thighs and the daughter woke up with blood in her room. Continue reading »

My House

Myself and my mom live alone in the country woods. We live in an old trailer that has tons of history. The legend is, that house was passed on to generation of generations. Anyway, every night when myself and my mom are going to go to sleep, demons and spirits tease us and keep us awake. Continue reading »

The Cellar Thing

It was 11:45pm at night, me and my friend Jay was watching American Pie Naked Mile while I was on his computer playing video games, his house is 157 years old, it used to be a butcher shop. It is two stories tall, and downstairs was a big cellar with a big freezer to keep the meat stuff cool. Continue reading »

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