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It was a normal Saturday night. I was sitting alone in the living room playing AQW (AdventureQuest Worlds). I got the feeling to go pee, so i did. When i got back everything was off. I turned on the main light and when I saw what I saw, I wanted to rip my eyes out. A demon.
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Liar, liar

Not long ago there was a girl named Alice, who had a brother named James, who was two years older then her at 18 years old.
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The old creepy house on the corner of the street

Three years ago there was an abandoned house on Whelly St. Park, where there lived an old woman. My friends and I went to check it out. When we entered there was fog on the ground but the door was shut. We went to the second floor where we heard that the old woman would sew. There was blood on the floor that looked fresh. I turned to show Destiny, she was in a ball saying in a demonic voice, “Get out!” Brielle and I went to hold hands and say a prayer, but when we did, Destiny was screaming and acting as if we were hurting her. Afterwards Destiny wasn’t acting the same way, she had scratches on her face and a lot on her arms. We got her up and her mouth started bleeding for no reason. She turned pale and collapsed on the floor bleeding. We picked her up again and went outside and called the paramedics. When they arrived she slowly and painfully passed away. Brielle and I will always keep her in our hearts and will never enter a house like that ever ever again.
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Midnight on Friday the 13th

I was seven-years old and it was about midnight on Friday the 13th. Everyone was sleeping and so was I. I don’t know why but I woke up, It was raining outside and there was a lot of thunder. I felt like I was being watched. All of a sudden, I started sweating and shaking. It started getting hot. I couldn’t tell if they were hallucinations or for real. I started seeing shadows of crawling demons, it sounded like they were scratching on the walls. Out of nowhere, it felt like needles were digging in my back. I screamed! My big brother woke up because we share a room and he asked me what was wrong. I told him all about it and he tells me to turn around. He screamed! He told me to look at my back in the mirror. When I looked, there was deep bleeding claw marks on my back. We both started praying after he helped me stop the bleeding. It was about 3:48. We decided to share the bed and take a nap.

In the morning the scratches were gone. We thanked god for healing me. After we just went back to playing video games but we will never forget that night.

(Sent in by Justyn)

Trapped By Demonic Spirits

I’ve been trapped in this dreary, old house for longer than I can remember and I want to warn people not to go anywhere near it. We have enough mysterious deaths in this dark place and we don’t want any more. We demand that the evil spirits leave us alone!!! Continue reading »

Creepy picture of demon girl

One time we were looking through pictures on the DSI of ours. We were shocked when we saw what was there, it was a picture of a girl, which we don’t recall taking. But she had a sort of grey face and sharp nose with jet black hair, it creeped us out. We thought it might have been one of us but we were wrong. Continue reading »

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