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Bloody Mary

I was at a sleep over and my friends and I wanted to see if Bloody Mary was true. My best friend Samantha and I were the ones that were dared. We went into the bathroom, turned off all the lights and we lit four candles. I was the one who chanted Bloody Mary 3 times and my friend flushed the toilet. Continue reading »


I am nine years old and my name is Siyan, This is a true experience of what happened one night. After reading a few stories off this website I had to come off the computer, I was going to watch a film so I quickly went to the toilet before it started. I was a little freaked out about the bloody mary stories but I went upstairs anyway. Continue reading »

Story on a thing I never acknowledged

I would like to relate upon a mysterious encounter I had at a parking lot near catering hall a few years ago. It is very fresh in my mind. It was one of those moonless nights, and the lot bordered a forest-like park. Myself and two fellows, Jack and Arnold, waiting for our wives. Continue reading »

Bloody Mary story

One day there was this girl named Christina. She was at her house and her parents were out. She was watching ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ and she heard a voice in her room. She heard her door open, so she went upstairs. She said, “Billey is that you? If it is, you better get out or else I’ll punch you!” Continue reading »

Bloody Mary Experience

You might believe this, and you might not.

I was sleeping over at my best friend Jackie’s house, and her cousin who is older than us was with us (though he wasn’t sleeping over.) We began talking about the paranormal, which eventually led to Bloody Mary. Continue reading »

Bloody Mary, mirror, light, living room

About a week ago, I was on the computer, and I got bored. I let my mind wander, and thinking back to an episode of a tv show, that had mentioned a bloody mary prank, I decided to research the legend. I got on to a really good site that included an essay about “Her” and lots of variations of the myth. Continue reading »

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