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The Halloween Party

I was at a Halloween party tonight. My friend and I were in the bathroom where he told me to sit on him. I was like, “What?!” He said, “Trust me.” So I sat on him, just like he was a horse. He started spinning around and screaming “Bloody Mary!” Just like he was a mad man.
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Three girls, one bathroom and Bloody Mary

In a town where there was nothing to do other than go to your friends and do nothing. Us three girls were bored in a house, so we looked on the internet for ideas. We saw challenges, fights, and all of those we had done before, except Bloody Mary.
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Candy Man, Bloody Mary and Spirit

So my best friends Lexie and Sophia and I were having a sleepover for my 12th birthday. We decided to play Candy Man, Bloody Mary and Spirit. So we were in the bathroom, then I said, “Spirit in the mirror, I call upon thee to tell us what is to be. Her satin red lips pierce your skin, drinks your blood and eats your flesh.” Continue reading »

Bloody Mary – True Story

Three little girls had a sleep-over with a girl named Emilee. Emilee had just turned 8 years old. She decided she was bored, so she wanted to play games. Later on that day, her mother and father had gone out to eat dinner, so a cute, blonde, skinny girl had babysat them. Emilee, Jackie, Mason, and Ashleigh all liked the babysitter, her name was Cayden Brodwell.
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It’s in the mirror

Once, a girl called Emily and her two friends, Liz and Melody, had a sleepover. They were looking at scary pictures and scary sites until twelve at midnight. Suddenly, Liz had a cool idea. She told the other two, and while Melody got the candles, and Emily set up the bathroom, Liz looked up Bloody Mary.
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Bloody Mary

My best friend Shara and I decided to see if this whole thing was real, so we set the bathroom up and chanted the words. I was touching the mirror and the water started to go all funny and we could hear footsteps. We then stopped and ran out of the bathroom. Continue reading »

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