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There was a guy, his name was Shaun, and he lived in a cottage outside the town of Bloodysville, a town renamed after many murders happened all over that town, his wife had recently passed and he cremated her to keep remains of the first descendants in that town. Her great-great-great grandmother was the first on that land and named it Housenburg, since then tourists claimed that she was a witch and began threatening her because she was different from other people. This angered her and made her want to study witchcraft just to scare them, not hurt them, just scare them. She did and after the whole town had seen her magic being practised they ambushed her and burned her at the stake, but before she went she took someone with her using a very dark spell her great-great-great grandmother taught her, a spell called “No survivors allowed” where you pull a soul from a body and make it kill all of its descendants. But very strange things happened on every single day after that; people got a dazed look in their eyes and and shot themselves, hung themselves, sliced their own necks; things like that. Whenever someone would speak poorly of their elders they would be possessed and kill themselves. HAVE FUN SLEEPING TONIGHT!

(Sent in by Taylor)

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