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Bloody Mary

This prank really works well on Halloween, but if you want to do it soon, then make sure you are near a lot of trees and wide open space and it’s at night. Just make sure you don’t do this to anyone who is faint-hearted or might have a heart attack.

What you do first is pick someone you REALLY want to scare or get a little friendly revenge on. But you need to make sure someone is in the house and the person you are going to prank doesn’t know that they’re in there. They should be in a tub in a bathroom with a mirror in it [the bathroom, not the tub]. You should start a game outside like truth or dare except without the truth. Then you dare that person to go in the bathroom your friend is in, and tell them to turn off the lights, stand in front of the mirror, chant bloody mary three times, and turn around in a complete circle ending up facing at the mirror. After they chant your friend should stand up in a noticeable position so when the lights are turned on they’ll be noticed. Finally, they should keep staring at the mirror and lean over and turn on the lights. The person the prank was pulled on will scream really loud and possibly be in shock or something. I really think everyone should stand outside the door and listen to make sure they turn off the lights and chant. Plus you will really want to remember that scream. Happy pranking and remember to play this on someone who is familiar with the bloody mary legend.

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