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Bloody Mary – True Story

Three little girls had a sleep-over with a girl named Emilee. Emilee had just turned 8 years old. She decided she was bored, so she wanted to play games. Later on that day, her mother and father had gone out to eat dinner, so a cute, blonde, skinny girl had babysat them. Emilee, Jackie, Mason, and Ashleigh all liked the babysitter, her name was Cayden Brodwell.

It was now 9:30, so Emilee and her friends, all had to go to bed. Cayden, was stuck alone doing her homework. She decided she’d called her boyfriend, Ryan over. A few minutes after Cayden called Ryan, the phone rang. It was Emilee’s mother and father. They said they wouldn’t be back until 1 or something. 10 minutes later, the doorbell rang. It was Ryan.

While upstairs and bored half to death, Emilee wanted to tell scary stories about Bloody Mary. Then, Ashleigh had an idea, she wanted to actually PLAY Bloody Mary in her bathroom. All agreed to play.

Everyone crowded in the little bathroom. Then Emilee turned off the lights. When she said: “Go”, everyone said: “Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary.”

Silence… nothing happened.

Almost automatically, the lights in the whole hows flickered on and off. On and off. Then, BOOM. Complete darkness.

Emilee became very scared and didn’t want to play anymore. Just after a minute, Emilee and Ashleigh screamed. The dark figure in the mirror was, Bloody Mary herself. Then, almost automatically, Jackie and Mason heard loud

All the lights turned back on.

There they were, Emilee and Ashleigh… Dead. Cayden called the parents, and the Police. Once they got there, they figured out what happened. The scratches were across there face, neck, and upper body. But not everyone knew the truth…

This was a true story, And if you don’t believe me, Read over all of the other ones. I know it was true because I was Emilee’s stepsister, Chaston.

(Sent in by Alyssa H.)

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