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Bloody Mary, mirror, light, living room

About a week ago, I was on the computer, and I got bored. I let my mind wander, and thinking back to an episode of a tv show, that had mentioned a bloody mary prank, I decided to research the legend. I got on to a really good site that included an essay about “Her” and lots of variations of the myth. I clicked a link to go on to another website about her, and this is really strange but as soon as I did, some weird stuff happened. Firstly, I was sat in my study, and it was raining and dark outside, and the lights were off inside – therefore I was in a darkened room. I have a lamp on my desk with glass hearts attached hanging down, that makes a noise when blown by the wind or something similar.

Suddenly just for no reason, the lamp began to make the noise, as if it was being blow. The strange thing is, all the windows were closed, as was the door, and I didn’t have any fans or heaters on either. This freaked me out a little, as I also have a full length glass mirror in my study, and there is a bathroom right next door to it (the ritual of bloody mary has to include a mirror, and works best in a bathroom).

Needless to say I was a little creeped out by this. I glanced over into the garden, and could of sworn that I saw a shadow, twice, moving quickly across the grass. I could be wrong, probably just my eyes playing tricks on me, but the whole thing really creeped me out. I’m 17, and some of my friends, at slumber parties, still dare each other to play bloody mary from time to time but never manage to actually select anyone brave enough. I know its just a stupid legend, but does anyone actually know anyone that’s actually seen “mary” by doing the ritual?


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8 Responses to “Bloody Mary, mirror, light, living room”

  1. that stuff doesnt really work

  2. My friend did that… ay ay ay ay… BIG SCRAPES DOWN HER LEGS!
    😀 So glad it didn’t happen to me 😮

  3. that happened to me to :0

  4. My best friend and i tried the rituals but nothing happened.

  5. omg!
    i tried iht!
    it was so scary!
    i think i hear weird noises and i got hurt while i was sleeping last night….there was a BIIIIG scrape down my back!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I dont believe any of that crap. But next time I have a sleepover Im gonna try it and Im gonna prove this aint true!

  7. i did it with my friend and we craped OUR PANTS!!!! She looks so FREAKY!!!

  8. there was a ghost and it was going across my parents bedroom and it went into the bathroom and in the mirror and when i went in there she was bloody mary but i didnt even say the words with the lights off and candles with the door locked

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