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Bloody Mary Experience

You might believe this, and you might not.

I was sleeping over at my best friend Jackie’s house, and her cousin who is older than us was with us (though he wasn’t sleeping over.) We began talking about the paranormal, which eventually led to Bloody Mary.

From my memory, I was dared to do Bloody Mary. Now, hearing what she can do, I refused. Jackie’s cousin, (Billy) still tried to bribe me into doing it, but Billy was a tricky person and I knew he must be planning something. So instead of me doing it, Jackie did. We were even standing outside of the door. We heard her chant “Bloody Mary” and heard her turn the sink on.

When she came out, she said nothing happened. But after Billy left, she told me firmly that in the mirror was a girl with a blood-soaked white dress just standing there. It did not attempt to grab Jackie. This was about last year or so.

Now, just yesterday I got a call from Jackie. She told me that she was really creeped out. She took a bath and was humming to herself in her parents’ room, and when she finished drying off and dressing, she was doing stretches. When she put her head in between her legs, she saw a black figure about six feet tall. When she looked back, it disappeared.

Bloody Mary will probably stalk you ever since you tried this “mirror legend”. Be aware of this before you try it. Even if she doesn’t appear when you try it.

(Sent in by Ivy)

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