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Bloody Mary

I was at a sleep over and my friends and I wanted to see if Bloody Mary was true. My best friend Samantha and I were the ones that were dared. We went into the bathroom, turned off all the lights and we lit four candles. I was the one who chanted Bloody Mary 3 times and my friend flushed the toilet. When I turned 3 times I looked into the mirror and saw someone in bleeding clothing and their hair was brown with dripping blood. Samantha screamed and I looked back and I didn’t see her. I felt this pain on the left side of my face, arm and back. When I turned on the lights Samantha was in the shower with scratch marks all over her face. I looked into the mirror and half of my face was scratched. On the mirror it said Bloody Mary and it was made written in blood. Since that day I have never gone to the bathroom at night and have to use diapers.

(Sent in by Amanda Aguilar)

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