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Bless You

Jamie was playing hide-and-seek at a slumber party with a few of her young friends.
“I’m going to count to twenty,” said Annie, “then I’ll come and find everybody.” She clamped her hands over her eyes and then sat down on the couch. Jamie sighed because she knew that Annie would peek through the small crevices of her fingers, but she ran away excitedly anyway.
“One, two, three…” counted Annie as Jamie ran up the stairs and frantically searched for somewhere to hide. Not just anywhere, but somewhere good. Somewhere that would take a little searching to discover.
“Four, five, six…”
Brittany dove onto the sofa and buried herself beneath a quilt. Sarah crouched beneath the kitchen table. Mandy dashed for the hall bathroom. Frustrated, Jamie darted down the hallway, not knowing where she was going. Time slipped by and she was still out in the open, exposed.
“Thirteen, fourteen…”
She passed by the hall closet. From what she could remember, it was actually quite large inside. It was used for storage. As a last resort, Jamie turned around and slipped inside without turning on the light. With the door closed behind her, she sat down in the inky darkness and waited. The rest of the house was exceptionally muffled, and the hum of silence inside the closet was almost deafening. Jamie felt a tickle in her nose. She plugged her nose to quell the sneeze, but it was inevitable. As soon as she removed her fingers, it exploded from her nostrils.
“Bless you,” said a gravelly voice from somewhere in the darkness. Before Jamie could scream, there was a pair of strong hands around her neck. And then she fell into a much deeper, blacker darkness.

(Sent in by Kirsten Dahlquist)

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