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It was a cold, frosty night that day, in a spooky bungalow. I was waiting for my parents to come home. I saw at the clock that it was twelve o’clock. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. I moved to the door closely and steadily, with my heart pounding fast enough to scare me though. I opened the door. It was the electrician which I saw. Suddenly, it started raining heavily and he asked me to check the fuse box as it was an emergency. I allowed him to come inside. As he checked the fuse box and tried to bypass the circuit, the lights went off for a second and in that time the door closed slowly, making the noise of a mouse squeaking. And when the lights came, the electrician was gone! It seemed like he vanished into thin air. During that time, the chair had fallen near me. Suddenly, the sound of a crying baby could be heard. I was surprised and at the same time scared ’cause in my family I am the only son. So, I took cover behind the chair. When I got up, I saw in the mirror that someone’s eyes had come out. As I moved closer, I saw a ghost doppelganger of me with eyes popped out, who was laughing like a zombie. I was scared but at the same time I told myself that no ghosts are there in this world. But, then, suddenly, I saw that his face was similar to that of an undead man’s. From some parts of his face, the skin was cut and I could only see the blood vessels and blood spattered on his body. I tried to run as he was going to attack me. His voice was like the roaring of the air. Suddenly, I woke up from the nightmare. It was time for me to go to school. In the school, I was said to give a speech. When I was giving the speech, from the side, the figure of the doppelganger came with his hands raised in front and laughing like a scary clown, trying to attack me. At that time, a flashing light came and I heard a voice saying that the figure is a blank image, as it is blank, it can clone into any human and attack him. Then, the voice stopped talking and the light flashed away just like the flashing of a camera does. Then, suddenly, I heard my mother calling out to me to wake up as if it was a dream.

(Sent by Prathamesh Madiwale)

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