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Black Beard

‘Rrrrinng!’ my alarm clock sang. I jumped off my bed, dancing wildly.

Today was finally the day! I ran across the room to my wide window. I pictured myself playing Frisbee in among the large swarms of people in the beautiful, glowing, caramel-colored sand under the warm, golden, sand. Just thinking about it made me jump about with joy! My mother had told me to stop jumping about and get my things ready, but I had that done ages ago. I was so excited, I finally get to go to the beach!

As soon as I had finished my breakfast, I grabbed my things, sped out the front door, and hopped onto the opened, black, Jeep. Every thing was packed into my little, pink, backpack: sunscreen, shades, sandals, a hat, and a bar of chocolate which my parents didn’t know about. As my dad started the car, I imagined what would happen on the beach. Would I meet some elves who’ll give me a pot of gold? Or would I bump into a genie who’ll grant me three wishes. I knew those things weren’t possible, but my senses were telling me something just as exciting was about to happen!

When I arrived at the beach, I learnt that I had fallen asleep on the 1-hour journey. When I woke, I saw that there was a kind looking, black-bearded man. He introduced himself as Johnson, but he said that everyone called him Black Beard. “I can tell why,” I commented. Before I knew it, I got indulged in a conversation with this fascinating old man. He showed me some secluded locations on the beach, like the Camouflaged Caves or the Hidden Hills. Soon I heard my mother calling me telling me it was time to go.

We were on the way home when my father said, “Did you know that there’s a legend saying that the ghost of a pirate called Black Beard haunts the beach?”

(Sent in by Ayesha)

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