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Big Hairy Toe

It was a gorgeous night, the sun was shining and due still fresh on the crisp grass that lay out on Billy’s field. “A perfct day fer tatoe pickin.” he thought. You see Billy didn’t have much to eat. Only his potatoe field. And with four kids and a wife it wasn’t easy. So on that mornin’ they all went to find potatoes. Bill jr. the youngest son hit something hard in the ground. So diggin’ it up, he pulled out a big toe. “WELL DONE laddeh!” Billy said, putting it on the pan to boil. Once cooked they all ate and went to bed. Half asleep, Billy heard a noise. “‘Give me back my big toe!” It whispered in a loud tone of voice. “Darlin’ what wer that?” So he went to investigate. He looked in the shed, around the shed, in the cupboard and out the stretch of the field but found nothing. So out the wife went and same result. So starting oldest kid first, they all went looking for the source of this noise and found nothing. “Ok Bill jr. tis yer time t’ shine.” So Bill jr looked in the shed around the shed, in the cupboard and in the field and then he thought. “Wait, mebbes.”
Looking under the stairs he saw a pair of feet. “GIVE ME BACK MY BIG TOE!!!” “GIVE ME BACK MY BIG TOE!!!” and just realising one of the feet had only four toes, he tried to run. He fell on the stairs. Red liquid in front of his blurred eyes. Then. Blackness.

(Sent in by… Anonymous)

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