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One night two of my friends were sleeping over and we wanted to be REALLY scared so we went to scary web sites and nothing was really that scary, so we back down to my room with the lights off. I have lights around my mirror and all of a sudden the lights went out. We screamed for our lives and went upstairs to find my parents, but they weren’t there. So then we went back downstairs to hide in my room. When there was a knocking at my door it was my Mom, she said: “Girls can I come in.” We were so relieved and said sure. When we opened the door there was nothing there and by then we wanted to be in Asia because we were so scared. Then a scratching noise came from my door. We opened it slowly and then… a scary man grabbed my leg and said: “I’ve come to haunt you because you ignored my email!” Then he grabbed my other friend’s leg and pulled just like I am pulling your leg right now!!! (the first part is true except I am scared right now, so haha, we got you!)

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