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Behind the door

A long time ago, a father (George) and a daughter (Lily) lived in a giant mansion together. One day, the daughter became very ill and soon passed on in her bedroom, laying down on her bed.

George decided to leave that as her burial place and locked the door so nobody could go inside.

Years later, the Dad decided to sell the mansion, due to the grief of losing his daughter.

As George was talking to a couple, their young son became bored. He wandered around and went upstairs. He discovered the locked door.

The little boy looked through the peephole and realized he could only see red. He ran back down to his parents and George and asked him, “Why is that door upstairs locked?”

“My daughter died in there,” he choked out softly.

“How did your daughter die.”

“She had a terrible illness.”

“What happened?”

“All the blood had rushed to her eyes…”

(Sent in by Cathy)

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