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Bathroom light

When I was in my old house, I must have been 13, I was in my room on my laptop, my mom and dad and my twin brother Brandon and my younger sister Carly were saying goodbye to my Nan. My bedroom is opposite the bathroom and I heard foot steps coming up the stairs. I thought it would be my parents or Brandon or Carly. I looked around the door and no-one was there but the bathroom light turned on. I was starting to get scared and walked out of my room and walked into the bathroom and the tap turned on full blast and got me soaking wet. Then the toilet chain flushed and I jumped back screaming. Brandon came running up the stairs and I told him what happened. He didn’t believe me and if my twin doesn’t believe me, then no-one would. The next morning I woke up and went into Carly’s room like I always did. Carly is 4 years old and wouldn’t hurt a thing. She got up and walked over to me. “What’s wrong Carls?” I asked her and she had tears in her eyes. I called Brandon and he walked in the room. “Hannah what do you want?” he asked, stressed. He saw Carly crying. “My belly aches,” she cried. “It’s just a tummy ache Carly,” Brandon said. “No, the scratches hurt!” She cried. I lifted up her top and she had bleeding scratches on her hip and stomach. Brandon gasped in shock. I ran to my mom and she said that she had probably scratched herself in the night. When my dad came in, we showed him Carly’s scratches and he looked closer. “Someone has been scratching her,” dad said. I slept in Carly’s room that night, and there was a bag in the vent. “That’s the noise I heard last night,” Carly told me. I told my parents and they slept in my sister’s room for the next 4 weeks, every morning Carly would wake up with more scratches. We eventually moved house and nothing happened. We found out not long later that the man who had bought the house had been murdered. It’s a good thing we got out when we did, otherwise it could have been us…

(Sent in by Hannah Porter)

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