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Basketball Star

One night, a man and woman were driving to a hotel in the middle of a forest for a weekend getaway they had won online. They had very bad directions and before long, they were lost. They turned on the radio in the hope of finding out the local area. The radio was awful. The only thing that could be picked up was some awful creepy classical music and a blurred news report. They decided to try and listen to the news report…

Basketball star… Mental asylum… escaped this… Warning……… Locked. Dont…………

With that, the radio began to smoke and the engine stalled. The man and woman didn’t know what to do, so the man took charge and decided to walk down the road to try and find some help. He told the woman to lock all the doors after he had got out and keep trying the engine. Minutes went by, he didn’t come back. Fifteen minutes, still no sign. Just over half an hour later, the woman heard banging on the top of the car. She couldn’t see a thing, but the noise just carried on. She decided to get out of the car and see. On the top of the car stood a tall man in old messy clothes bouncing her dead husbands head on the roof of the car.

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  1. a bit disturbing and a bit scary. i like it.

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