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A few years ago my family and I were camping out in the desert. The first night we heard some howling and just figured that it was the coyotes. That morning my cousin and I went out on the four-wheelers and followed my grandpa and other cousin for a ways. I know my way around that desert pretty well and I’ve been there enough so that I recognize the landmarks and other things, but we still don’t go too far (Miles out, we go far, just not so far that we get lost.) Well, my cousin and I decided to stop following them for a while, and catch up to them where they were going later. We decided to turn and go a different direction. A few minutes later we noticed a black shape moving quickly ahead of us. I sped up with prodding from my cousin and we chased the shape for a few miles. before it went over a dune and we lost it. We went on for a while longer, hoping to catch sight of it before we turned back and went to find the other two. I asked my grandpa about it later that night when we were away from my cousins and he told me about it.
“It’s a big black wolf named Bargin, no ones seen him for for years and he’s fallen into the cracks.” He’d said, and then a few minutes later, he explained why. “Bargin kills whoever sees him. No-one alive today has seen him. Don’t tell (my cousin) Asp what it was, don’t want to scare her.” He’d told me, and I’d promised. That night, when Asp and I were talking about what we’d seen. She commented on that she knew I’d talked to grandpa about it and wanted to know what he’d said. I lied and told her that it was just a mirage and she believed me. This spring we went out again, just four-wheeling this time, and not camping. Just me, Asp, grandpa and Sha (my other cousin, this one a guy). We went straight from where we parked the truck, along the brush. We saw Bargin again, and this time I know that Sha saw him, and he asked me about it. Forgetting that grandpa had warned me against it I told him what it was. When I finished telling him, I remembered it, and told him not to tell anyone at all, not Asp not anyone. He asked me if I was going to die, because I had acknowledged that I had seen him. I said probably. This past week, I’ve learned that Bargin won’t kill me for what I’ve seen and said, instead, I’m sworn to warn people, and I know this because I’d seen him once more, I’d seen him and chased him, this last time alone. If you ever go four-wheeling in the western deserts, and see a black shape, go the opposite way.

(Sent in by Dazaani)

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