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Baby dolls

One day my Grandmother asked me to clean out the attic. I agreed because I knew she was too sleepy to do it. As I went up the attic stairs I noticed a few baby dolls sitting against the wall. They didn’t really bother me so I
didn’t care about them. So I just picked them up and put them in a box.

The next day when I went up in the attic to finish cleaning it, the baby dolls were sitting where they were the day before. I didn’t understand. I asked my Grandmother if she had went up there last night and she denied ever going up there in 5 years! So I asked her if she wanted the baby dolls (because they were freaking me out so much, I was about to throw them away) but she said she didn’t have any baby dolls. I told her what was going on and she wasn’t shocked. She said my mother said the same thing when she went up there to clean the attic a few years ago. so I went back up there and the dolls were in a line looking at me. I took them all up with a shovel (I was afraid to touch them) and threw them outside in the dumpster.

I haven’t heard about them until last week when my nephew went over my Grandmother’s house and he went in the attic and saw the baby dolls! Since then I don’t even go over my Grandmother’s house.

(Sent in by Melissa)

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