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Aunt Janet

One night my parents were going to my aunt’s funeral, but I didn’t know that. So they told me they were going out so I wouldn’t feel bad. Five minutes after they left there was a knock on the door. When I answered the door it was my aunt. So I said, “Hey Aunt Janet.” She said very softly, “I have come to get something.” So I let her go in my parents’ room to get her belonging. She came back with a necklace she said my mom had borrowed. She then left. Twenty minutes later my parents came home and told me my aunt was dead. I said, “No, she just came here to get her necklace.” My parents then took me to a grave yard, there they dug my aunt up to show me she was dead, but I noticed something, she was wearing the necklace she came to get.

(Sent in by Shanetta)

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