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Child Angel

Liz as a kid had always said she saw angels. When she grew up they left her.
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Shadow people or hallucination?

Hey, so my name is MJ and I just wanted to share this with you.
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It was a normal Saturday night. I was sitting alone in the living room playing AQW (AdventureQuest Worlds). I got the feeling to go pee, so i did. When i got back everything was off. I turned on the main light and when I saw what I saw, I wanted to rip my eyes out. A demon.
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The Theatre Murder(er)

Now I was not a normal child, I was a very disturbing kid. I didn’t watch TV or play video games.
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Bloody Mary is real!

My friends and I were enjoying the delicious food they had served at my school. One time that my friend Cristal had gone into the restroom and did Bloody Mary and afterwards she started to act unusual. I had told her to warm up but then her eyes turned red. She said that Bloody Mary is waiting for girls! I was so creeped out. When my friend stared at my other friend Zia, she had been crazy too. The next day they were fine I think!

(Sent in by Ashley)

Miss, You’ve Dropped Something

Angelina Herron walked through her local grocer’s parking lot carrying her bags, when someone put a hand on her shoulder. It was a man wearing a long, grey overcoat and a black bowler that covered his eyes in a shadow. “Miss,” the man said, “You’ve dropped something.” He handed her a long and shining dagger. She did not recognize this man and since she lived in rural Tennessee could call everyone in her town by name, this scared her. Then, she remembered a story on the news recently about a butcher, a county over, who was responsible for killing and EATING sixteen people. The parts he didn’t eat he sold as steak and then escaped when the police showed up. She feared this might be the same man and jumped into her car, driving away without a second glance.
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