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When my twin sister Casey and I moved into an old house, it was really creepy. We were decorating our room, we heard a little girl’s voice, about 3, say “get out of my room.” That night, Casey and I were talking about how cool our big new room was. With the lights off, the light blinked 3 times. Casey said, “Ruby, tell me I’m not hallucinating. Did you see those lights?” Me, being the practical one, said, “This is an old house. It’s probably just a problem with the electric appliance stuff. We’ll tell mom to call the electric guy tomorrow.” The next night, we heard the voice again, this time saying, “I said, get out of my room.” And the lights blinked three times. We figured it was our brother Mark, so we yelled, “Mark, cut it out! We know its you!” “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he said, which is what we expected him to say. The next night at dinner, I guess Casey and I both felt a chill, because we both said at the same time, “It’s cold in here.” That night, we heard the kid yell, “GET OUT OF MY ROOM NOW, OR ELSE I’LL GET YOU.” We yelled, “Mark, cut it out.” He said, “I’m not doing anything.” We went to tell our mom, and when we did, she burst into tears and said, “I lived here when I was little. You guys’ room was my little sister Annabelle’s room.”
“You have a little sister?”
“I did. My older brother murdered her in that room when she was 3. Her body was never found.”
Well, we moved again, and when they tore the old house down, they found a child’s body in the wall in our room. To this day, we never figured out the talking. Sometimes, we hear Annabelle warning us about things. This all happened when we were 11, and we’re 18 now. Casey, Mom and I are still freaked the heck out.

(Sent in by Ruby and Casey Kelly)

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