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Accidents Happen

As Anthony was walking to the store he saw his friend Tommy, nicknamed Legs. Now Anthony and Legs were great friends but lately Legs had been looking a little bit too pale from the cold he had gotten earlier that week. They looked at each other and realized that they both had the same thing in mind ‘stealing’. One after the other a candy bar was taken. Some person who had money wasn’t getting a Reeses’ bar today. They quickly walked out without getting caught and dove into an alley. Anthony sensed danger but just thought he was getting paranoid, after all it wasn’t Friday the 13th, Halloween or Hallow’s Eve. It was just a regular day. Suddenly Legs took out a knife and raised it high above his head. Anthony got scared but realized he was just pretending to be a ninja. It was getting dark and cold so Anthony decided to go home. He said goodbye to Legs and told him he’d see him at school tomorrow. Later that night as Anthony got ready for bed he prayed that Legs would get better and never get that pale again. Then he drifted off to sleep. Legs felt butterflies in his stomach as he walked to Anthony’s house. Tonight the knife felt so heavy in his pocket. As he climbed the window he started to grin, why did this feel so exciting? He took out the knife and held it high above his head just like earlier today. Down it went until Anthony only looked like a lifeless doll in a deep, bloody sleep. His grin only got wider as he climbed back out the window and down the emergency steps. Now he was running but what was that shiny thing on the ground right in front of him. He felt himself leaning. Desperately he tried to catch himself but didn’t make it as he felt the knife pierce through his skin into his heart. Now the knife was in his heart but the grin still remained. To this day if you look at the headlight of a car on May 15 at 9:05 p.m. you can see the big grin on his face after torture.

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