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A short twist story

You drive home from work, open the car door, get out and you close the car door and lock it. As you walk to your house door you get out your house keys. As you open the door you see two unknown strangers sitting in the middle of the living room on the floor with their hands tied behind their back. You then sneak towards them. As you get close to them you realize that they both have their neck sliced. You gasp and scream and you run towards the phone to call 9-1-1. Before you grab the phone, you see a bloody butcher’s knife, next to it a note. You grab the note first since you’re that curios about what it says. The note says, “You killed both of the people. You sliced their necks and now you have to suffer the punishment.” You drop the note and quickly turn around, behind you, you see your reflection in a mirror with the bloody butcher’s knife. A flash appears and that’s when you wake up in the asylum. The unknown people, which you can’t see, say, “Next time there will be no trace.” Before you know it, you are in an empty room with nothing but a metal bed and a toilet but no window or lights. You then close your eyes and dream of another murder scene.

(Sent in by La-le-lu)

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