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A Scary Story

Jo was 10-years old. She had a little sister named Mary, who was 5 and a little brother who was named Steve. He was 8. So anyway, her parents asked what she wanted to do for her 11th birthday. There was a HUGE bed-and-breakfast/hotel/historical house out in the middle of the woods. That was where she wanted to go.

It was lovingly nick-named “The 1800s House.” The house had a total of 200 rooms! The parents scheduled a two week stay. Well, needless to say, the family had a blast! Every day, it was something fun and new to do. On the 6th night of the first week, Steve woke up and had to go to the bathroom. He insisted on going downstairs for whatever reason, but was afraid to go down alone.

Jo woke up and was about to go, but thought they should bring Mary in case she woke up and got scared. Mary was nowhere to be found. The kids searched the entire hotel, and eventually found her in the attic. They scolded her harshly. “Why did you leave without telling anyone!?” Jo cried. Mary simply answered, “Johnny invited me to play.”

The family forgot about the incident until the 4th day of the second week. Mary was up and talking to “Johnny.” She was playing with some stuffed animals. When the family looked up the history of the house some years after, they noticed a little 5-year-old boy had died there. The end.

(Sent in by Wolfie)

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