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A frightening scare

I had moved into a very old house my Nana lived in. Well, ever since we moved in I’ve heard creepy noises from upstairs. One night I was home with my Mom and my little brother and we were watching a movie when all of a sudden it sounded like someone turned over a bed upstairs. So we went up to see what the heck had happened. Our cat went up with us and he kept biting at our feet. After looking around, our cat was pushing us into my bro’s room. We turned on the lights and all the lights did was make a noise and flicker. We opened up the closet and our cat freaked and ran down the stairs and hid in a corner meowing. We never did figure what the noise was but I do know this, my cat only goes up one flight of stairs scared and meowing and when we hear noises he wants out of the house.

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