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A family scary story

When my grandma was younger, she had a friend, they were good friends all right. One day her friend died. I’m not sure how but she did. So, one day my grandma went to her dead friend’s aunt’s house just to visit. When she arrived they did a séance but my grandma had no clue what a séance was, for she probably was a child. So the aunt asked my grandma, “What spirit would you like to bring up?” Of course, my grandma said her dead friend. So they contacted the spirit of her friend, and it got out of hand. The ghost of her friend appeared and started to grab her hand and say, “Come with me here! It’s so great! You have to come and see!” My grandma must have been scared out of her wits, she grabbed her stuff and ran out of the house. By the way, my grandma is still alive, thank goodness!

(Sent in by Sidney)

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