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A picture of a wolf howling at the moon.Welcome but prepared to be scared! We have the best really scary stories online, with ghosts, nightmares, urban legends, clowns, dolls, and murder! They’re creepy, spooky and filled with horror! Perfect for halloween or to tell around the campfire!

There’s hundreds of stories to choose from, some are short, some are long, some are suitable for kids, some only for adults!

Some stories are real, but which ones?! You’ll never know which are true until it’s too late!

If you like writing and have ideas for a very scary story, then get writing and submit it! It’s really easy, all you have to do is add it via the ‘submit story’ page here. It will be reviewed and then, all being well, will be posted on the site.

You too can submit any scary pictures that you might have and want to share with others. Like for example, pictures of ghosts that you may have taken, Halloween costumes, that kind of thing. Of course, nothing too gross as we’d be too busy throwing up to post it to the site! To submit a photo, again you’ll have to get in contact via the contact page.

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